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WordPress Support in English

WordPress Support in English 2018-01-22T14:29:08+00:00

WordPress Coaching

Having troubles with WordPress?

Basically, you have WordPress under control. You have selected a theme, installed the necessary plugins, set up menus, placed widgets.
Everything fits so far.

You just want to change the color of the headings or menu items. Or set up your website in another language. Or increase the security of the site.

But how?

You don´t want to spend time in full-day classes, if little things are likely to be solved quickly. Some work just needs a bit of support.

We are there for you if you need help.

Discover our WordPress Coaching Packages

WordPress Ambulance

First aid for your website

If you ever experience problems like:

    • Internal Server Error
    • White screen Death
    • Plugins are not working properly after an update
    • Images cannot be uploaded
    • The theme is not being displayed correctly

We are there to help you! Please call us for assistance or fill in the form on our website.
After we´ve analyzed your problem and estimated the costs, we will contact you shortly.

Costs per working hour: € 90,- exkl. taxes.